TripCARE Travel insurance – To feel reassured in every journey by Vietnam Airlines and PVI Insurance

04:46' CH - Thứ hai, 02/10/2017

Insurance with Global Coverage

Traveling is not only a pleasure, but also a new way of living in modern society. Clearly aware of the safety and to minimize the undue losses, airlines encourage customers to use Travel Insurance. Currently, Vietnam Airlines is one of the airlines integrated with many services, including Travel Insurance package which improve safety for passengers in each trip.
Travel insurance – An insurance for unexpected risks
Travel insurance is an optimal choice to assist you in many cases such as reimbursement, minimizing financial losses, support related to medical emergencies, loss of property.
The travel insurance provides the covered person with the following benefits:
1. The medical expenses incurred during the trip due to accidents or unexpected illness
2. Emergency medical transportation
3. In case of cancellation of the trip, costs of buying personal belongings in case of loss or delay of baggage
4. Travel documents: Expenses incurred to apply for new passports, transportation tickets and other travel documents; transport and accommodation expenses expenses incurred to apply for replacement of the documents..
5. Expenses incurred due to delayed flight or missed flight connection in foreign countries.
Choosing Vietnam Airlines – Choosing Travel Insurance
Many attractive benefits
Understanding the needs and desires to bring the perfect services to the passengers, PVI Insurance has cooperated with Vietnam Airlines to launch a comprehensive travel insurance product for all passengers of Vietnam Airlines.
TripCARE Travel Insurance is guaranteed not only by the prestige and quality of PVI Insurance, it also affirms its position when provided in cooperation with Chubb, the global leading insurer in Travel insurance. The Global Medical Assistance and Emergency Medical Assistance is provided by AAI (Asia Assistant International) - a 24/7 provider of worldwide support in more than 200 countries. Vietnam Airlines affirms that TripCARE Travel Insurance will provide passengers with many benefits at reasonable premiums and broad coverage. Below is some information about the Travel Insurance package that you need to know:
- Insured: All customers purchasing air tickets from Vietnam Airlines and buying Travel Insurance
- Coverage territory: Global
- Maximum liability up to 1.6 billion VND
- Passengers will not only be reimbursed, but also be supported globally by the Insurer in case of accident or illness with following services: hospitalization arrangements, medical expense guarantee, emergency transportation, repatriation, etc.
With the outstanding advantages of quality, TripCARE Travel insurance promises to give you peace of mind on every journey.
For more information, please contact hotline: +84 941 555 616

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