PVI on Forbes’s List of 50 Best Vietnamese Listed Companies

10:51' SA - Thứ năm, 21/09/2017

PVI Holdings (PVI) has been honored by Forbes Vietnam Magazine at the Award Ceremony of 50 Best Vietnamese Listed Companies. This is the fourth time PVI was named in this prestigious list.
On 14th September, the Business Forum 2017 and the award ceremony of 50 Best Vietnamese Listed Companies were held by Forbes Vietnam at GEM Center, HCM City. The Forum was attended by more than 450 guests who were Chairmen, General Directors and senior leaders from Vietnamese and International companies.
The list of the best 50 companies implemented by Forbes Vietnam for the fifth time is for the purpose of honoring the best companies on the stock exchange, based on financial information on revenues and profits brought to investors, growth rate and long-term prospects of the companies in assorted economic sectors.
With more than 21 years of establishment and development, PVI has affirmed its leading position in the Finance - Insurance market through high achievements in business activities and reputation with customers and investors.
In the period of 2012 - 2016, PVI has continuously surpassed its business plan. Total revenue in the period 2012 - 2016 was 41,185 billion VND, reaching 110% of the plan, total profit after tax in the period of 2012 - 2016 was 2,140 billion VND, reaching 144% of the plan. Annual average after-tax profit reached 18.43% of chartered capital. The average dividend payment was 14.80% per annum, which was higher than the level approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders annually.
PVI Insurance has been in the first position for 3 consecutive years in Vietnam's non-life insurance market; at the same time, financial investment activities of PVI has become a bright spot, achieved high efficiency, and brought a great profit to PVI.
PVI’s shares were considered one of the most attractive shares to investors in 2017. The closing price of PVI's share on 31/08/2017 reached 34,300 VND per share, increasing by 37.2% compared to 31/12/2016.

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