PVI Insurance’s parallel development in scale and efficiency

02:39' CH - Thứ hai, 24/07/2017

The General Director of PVI Insurance delivered a speech at the Conference

Recently, the non-life insurance market has witnessed many fluctuations that have considerable impact on companies. PVI Insurance, with ability of a market leader, has timely adjusted its business orientation, focused on developing the scale and efficiency at the same time by promoting management activity in the whole system, strictly managing risks, expanding the market, developing products and distribution channels, constantly offering value-added services to customers. In the first 6 months of the year, PVI Insurance has opened 3 new units, namely PVI Insurance Cuu Long, Quang Nam and Quang Binh, bringing the total number of its subsidiaries to 33. PVI Insurance has also standardized the customer service process nationwide, speeded up complaint settlement, well performed guarantee and health insurance operation as well as strictly controlled motor vehicle inspection and compensation, etc., bringing the highest satisfaction to customers, making contribution in creating a sustainable PVI brand.

The General Director of PVI Holdings made a speed at the Conference

In addition to retail activity, PVI Insurance, with its reputation, strong financial strength and a position as the No.1 insurer in the market in the field of industrial insurance, has shown its role when becoming an insurer in almost key sectors of the economy, national key projects and a partner to many domestic and foreign corporations, namely Samsung, Vietnam Airlines, Vinalines, Thaco, etc. In the early days of July, 2017, PVI Insurance has became the leading Insurer for the first phase of Nam Hoi An Resort project (Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province) with an insured value of 450 million USD. The project covers an area of 985.6 hectares with an investment amount of 4 billion USD and is considered to be one of the largest urban and tourism complex projects in Vietnam with the expectation of becoming a 5-star resort and entertainment area.

Teams and individuals of PVI Insurance received Merits from the Ministry of Industry and Trade

The efforts and success of PVI Insurance continues to be recognized and appreciated by prestigious rating agencies: Top 50 Best Companies in Vietnam, Top 10 Prestigious Non-life Insurance Companies in 2017 (according to survey results of Vietnam Report), Top 100 Best Workplaces of Vietnam (according to the report and evaluation of Anphabe.com and Nielsen Market Research Company), etc.

PVI Insurance rewarded teams and individuals who had excellent performance during the first 6 months of 2017

In the last 6 months of 2017, PVI Insurance aims to excellently complete all the plans that have been set out, continue to consolidate the management platform, improve customer service to ensure a safe, professional, efficient business activity.

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