PVI Insurance: Top 10 reputable non-life companies in 2020

05:53' CH - Thứ năm, 09/07/2020
The list of top 10 reputable insurance companies in 2020 has just been published by Vietnam Report. Being the biggest insurance company on the market in terms of capital, with safe and efficient financial investment activities, high level of customers’ awareness and satisfaction of insurance products/services and strong media reputation, PVI Insurance has been selected as the leading insurance company in the list. This is the 5th consecutive year PVI Insurance has been named on the list.
The reputation of insurance companies is assessed objectively and independently, based on the results of evaluating corporate financial capacity, corporate media reputation by using Media coding method and surveys of customers, insurance companies and experts in the industry conducted in June 2020.
The survey of insurance companies conducted by Vietnam Report has pointed out the 3 biggest opportunities of the insurance industry in the near future, including:
(1)the strong development of technology which is applied in all stages of the insurance value chain
(2)people’s increasing awareness and understanding of insurance; and
(3)the recovery prospects of macro economy which has entered the “new form” state.