PVI Insurance signs the business cooperation agreement with MobiFone

04:46' CH - Thứ ba, 14/07/2020

On July 14, 2020, in Hanoi, PVI Insurance Corporation (PVI Insurance) and MobiFone Corporation (MobiFone) signed the business cooperation agreement. The event marked an important development step in the cooperation relationship between PVI Insurance and MobiFone.

The signing ceremony of business cooperation agreement between PVI Insurance and MobiFone

Under the agreement, PVI Insurance will utilize its strengths to sell insurance products to MobiFone customers through existing MobiFone channels such as SMS, website, applications My MobiFone, MobiFone Next ... and MobiFone’s agents.

At the same time, PVI Insurance will also cooperate with MobiFone to study and apply MobiFone‘s AI technologies like mAICallCenter ... to the entire PVI Insurance's customer care system.

Both parties believe that the cooperation agreement will help enhancing the business performance of the parties through taking advantage of the strengths of technology, finance, customer care experience and large customer base owned by each party. The cooperation will aslo help diversifying products and services to meet the diverse needs of customers, to ensure the customer care be provided in the best and most effective way.

Mr. To Manh Cuong, the General Director of MobiFone, spoke at the Signing Ceremony

Mr. To Manh Cuong, the General Director of MobiFone, said: “The cooperation agreement with PVI Insurance will bring added value to MobiFone customers, while increasing their loyalties, in accordance with our motto "Connecting value - Awakening potential", for the comprehensive and sustainable development of the relationship between MobiFone and its customers and counterparties."

Mr. Pham Anh Duc, the General Director of PVI Insurance, spoke at the Signing Ceremony

Mr. Pham Anh Duc, the General Director of PVI Insurance, said: “PVI Insurance and MobiFone are committed to investing the necessary resources to effectively carry out the agreed terms in the business cooperation agreement. Both parties will give priority to each other's products and services. Under the agreement, the parties will coordinate to share information and experiences to improve business efficiency and service quality within the scope of cooperation.”