PVI Insurance has new Chairman and CEO

09:28' SA - Thứ năm, 04/07/2019

The Ministry of Finance has just issued official letter No. 7516 / BTC-QLBH on June 28, 2019 approving the change of Chairman of the Members' Council and Chief Executive Officer of PVI Insurance Corporation (PVI Insurance):

Mr. Bui Van Thuan, CEO of PVI Holdings - Chairman of PVI Insurance

Mr. Bui Van Thuan is currently a member of the Board of Directors, CEO of PVI Holdings (parent company, owning 100% capital of PVI Insurance), will concurrently hold the position of Chairman of the Members’ Council of PVI Insurance.
Mr. Bui Van Thuan has been with PVI for more than 20 years and held many important positions. Mr. Bui Van Thuan will be Chairman of PVI Insurance instead of Mr. Pham Anh Duc.

Mr. Pham Anh Duc, CEO of PVI Insurance

Mr. Pham Anh Duc will be CEO of PVI Insurance instead of Mr. Truong Quoc Lam.
Mr. Pham Anh Duc has joined PVI since the first days of establishment and held many important positions at PVI Holdings as well as member companies (PVI Insurance, PVI Sun Life Insurance). Mr. Pham Anh Duc is currently Deputy General Director of PVI Holdings.

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