PVI Insurance and Vietnam Airlines coorperate to launch TripCARE Travel Insurance product

04:55' CH - Thứ sáu, 13/10/2017

In the afternoon of 11October, 2017, PVI Insurance Corporation and Vietnam Airlines Corporation (Vietnam Airlines) held the launching ceremony of TripCARE Comprehensive Travel Insurance with the desire to give customers complete peace of mind in every journey.

Representatives of Vietnam Airlines, PVI and Chubb witness the launch ofthe productTripCARE

TripCARE Comprehensive Travel Insurance is a product provided by two corporations in co-operation with Chubb Vietnam Insurance Company Limited as a reinsurer. TripCARE Comprehensive Travel Insurance is available as of 29/9/2017 on www.vietnamairlines.com.This is a product for passengers of Vietnam Airlines when buying air tickets for domestic travel or departing from Vietnam on the website of Vietnam Airlines.TripCARE Travel Insurance has a high level of liability and comprehensive benefits. Personal accident liability is up to 1.6 billion VND, support for medical expenses is up to more than 1 billion VND. Specifically, infants (aged 7 days to under 2 years) traveling with customers covered by TripCare Travel Insurance will be entitled to the insurance free of charge. TripCARE provides 24/7 global medical and insurance support to customers.

Mr. Trinh Ngoc Thanh, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Airlines addresses at the ceremony

Mr. Trinh Ngoc Thanh - Deputy General Director of Vietnam Airlines said: "The cooperation with PVI Insurance to launch TripCARE Travel Insurance is one of the steps of Vietnam Airlines in grasping customer demand, providing synchronized, full products and services for customers when buying air tickets. This affirms the company's nonstop efforts to bring safe flights and comprehensive, excellent services to passengers."

Mr. Truong Quoc Lam, General Director of PVI Insurance delivered a speech the ceremony

Mr. Truong Quoc Lam - General Director of PVI Insurance emphasized: "The launch of TripCARE Travel Insurance marks the first time that an insurance company in Vietnam has successfully sold travel insurance products on the e-commerce site of an airline. The result of the cooperation between the two leading brands in Vietnam provides the optimal support and enhance the safety on every journey for all passengers of Vietnam Airlines."
Passengers can purchase TripCARE Travel Insurance when booking Vietnam Airlines flights on www.vietnamairlines.com
More information at www.vietnamairlines.com/vn/vi/plan-book/tripcare-insurance or via hotline (+84) 941 555 616.

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