PVI Insurance promptly surveys flood damages in Quang Ninh

14/09/2015 03:31' CH
The persistent flooding makes it difficult to conduct an overall loss and damage survey. PVI Insurance is trying to gather loss and damage information and expeditiously surveying and determining the extent of damage as a basis for claim settlement as soon as practical for policyholders,...

PVI Insurance is reaching out to the global market

14/09/2015 03:26' CH
PVI Insurance Corporation (PVI Insurance) has concluded an international cooperation agreement with Lotte Insurance (South Korea) This is a strategic stage of PVI Insurance to become a leading finance – insurance institution with a strong brand by dominating the local market, accessing the global market in insurance industry and financial investment widely.

"Our success is customer’s satisfaction"

14/09/2015 03:20' CH
PVI Insurance once again demonstrates its position as the leading insurer on the market by building a retail system in a quick and efficient manner and at the same time focusing on support services and customer care. In an interview with Vneconomy, Vu Bao Lam, PVI Insurance Deputy CEO in charge of Business Development said that in addition to a business network expansion plan...

PVI Insurance becomes the insurance leader for Vietnam Airlines services

14/09/2015 03:13' CH
As a leading industrial insurer in Vietnam for over 10 years, PVI Insurance outperformed other competitors to become the lead insurer of a joint venture consisting of three Vietnamese insurers authorized to provide insurance for VNA’s fleet

PVI Insurance honored with the 2014 Vietnam Excellent E-commerce Website Award

14/09/2015 03:05' CH
The Department of E-Commerce and Information Technology under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce held a seminar on e-commerce payments and granted the 2014 Vietnam Excellent Ecommerce Website Award (Vietweb 2014).

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