Stable steps in 2017: PVI Insurance continues a consecutive year of success

23/01/2018 04:17' PM
On January 19, 2017, at the head office, PVI Building, No. 1, Pham Van Bach, PVI Insurance Corporation (PVI Insurance) successfully organized the 2017 summation meeting and deployed the 2018 plan. By the end of 2017, total revenue of PVI Insurance reached VND 8,206 billion, profit before tax reached VND 450 billion, budget contribution of more than VND 400 billion, fulfilling 100% of the plan.

PVI successfully organized the Business Review Conference in 2017

05/01/2018 10:09' AM
On 25/12/2017, at the PVI Building, there was a conference on business performance in 2017 and the business plan of PVI Holdings (PVI) in 2018 with the participation of delegates of Petrovietnam (PVN), PVI's Board of Directors, member companies in the PVI system.

PVI Insurance Surveyor: Build Trust through Professionalism

23/11/2017 09:05' AM
The job of an Insurance Surveyor (Surveyor) is to directly visit to the fields to record scientifically, honestly the extent of damage, loss, causes of damage to the beneficiaries of insurance. Therefore, the Surveyor is the representative of an insurer to meet customers, partners when the insurance event occurs.

When the insurers stand work with customers after the typhoon Damrey

20/11/2017 09:19' AM
Immediately after typhoon No. 12 left, even when the storm did not dissolve, the insurers quickly carried out the inspection, documents collection for the assessment and compensation for losses.The typhoon No. 12 (international name is Typhoon Damrey) made landfall in Phu Yen - Khanh Hoa, loss of property up to thousands of billion up to now. Insurance companies also have a preliminary report to the Insurance Management and Supervision Department (Ministry of Finance) the extent of losses as well as information related to reinsurance. The losses are covered even though the statistics are still under investigation, but according to the survey of Vietnam Investment Review in some large insurance companies, the number of losses up to this time is quite large, in which the damage mainly related to property.

PVI Insurance and Vietnam Airlines coorperate to launch TripCARE Travel Insurance product

13/10/2017 04:55' PM
In the afternoon of 11October, 2017, PVI Insurance Corporation and Vietnam Airlines Corporation (Vietnam Airlines) held the launching ceremony of TripCARE Comprehensive Travel Insurance with the desire to give customers complete peace of mind in every journey.

TripCARE Travel insurance – To feel reassured in every journey by Vietnam Airlines and PVI Insurance

02/10/2017 04:46' PM
Understanding the needs and desires to bring the perfect services to the passengers, PVI Insurance has cooperated with Vietnam Airlines to launch a comprehensive travel insurance product for all passengers of Vietnam Airlines.
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