PVI Insurance successfully achieves the target in the first Quarter of 2018

25/04/2018 03:29' CH
On April 23rd 2018 in Da Nang, PVI Insurance successfully held a conference to summarize its business activities in the first quarter of 2018 and to implement its business plan in second quarter 2018.

PVI Insurance leads the Insurance Consortium for Vietnam Helicopter Corporation

23/04/2018 10:07' SA
On April 18th 2018, at the headquarters of Vietnam Helicopter Corporation (VNH), the Signing Ceremony of the Aviation Insurance Agreement for the year 2018 - 2019 between Vietnam Helicopter Corporation and the Consortium of PVI Insurance - Bao Viet Insurance - Military Insurance Joint Stock Corporation (MIC) was held.

PVI Insurance is the insurer for Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant Project

09/04/2018 03:12' CH
Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant Project has a total investment of nearly USD 2.8 billion, considered as one of the few licensed BOT projects in Vietnam. This is also the foreign investment project with biggest registered capital that has been licensed in the first half of this year, which has made Thanh Hoa to be the province receiving the most foreign investment capital with a total registered capital of USD 3.06 billion, accounting for 15.9% of total investment capital.

PVI Insurance and Mobifone launch Motorbike Insurance Service

08/04/2018 09:03' SA
In the afternoon of April 4th 2018, at PVI Tower, Hanoi, PVI Insurance and Mobifone signed a contract to provide motorbike insurance service. The service is implemented via the service number 9518 and website www.mobifone.pvionline.vn.

PVI Insurance continues to be awarded a contract for a tender package valued at over VND 10,000 billion of Vinalines

05/04/2018 02:59' CH
Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinalines) has just announced that the contract for provision of "Hull insurance program for all fleets of Vinalines in the period 2018/2019 had been awarded to the Insurance Consortium led by PVI Insurance.

Stable steps in 2017: PVI Insurance continues a consecutive year of success

23/01/2018 04:17' CH
On January 19, 2017, at the head office, PVI Building, No. 1, Pham Van Bach, PVI Insurance Corporation (PVI Insurance) successfully organized the 2017 summation meeting and deployed the 2018 plan. By the end of 2017, total revenue of PVI Insurance reached VND 8,206 billion, profit before tax reached VND 450 billion, budget contribution of more than VND 400 billion, fulfilling 100% of the plan.

PVI successfully organized the Business Review Conference in 2017

05/01/2018 10:09' SA
On 25/12/2017, at the PVI Building, there was a conference on business performance in 2017 and the business plan of PVI Holdings (PVI) in 2018 with the participation of delegates of Petrovietnam (PVN), PVI's Board of Directors, member companies in the PVI system.

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