Hull and P&I Insurance

As a leading marine insurer, PVI Insurance is a trusted partner of Vietnam’s largest marine fleets operating both on in-land waterways and international ocean shipping routes. Furthermore, PVI Insurance has wide experience in providing insurance services in the fields of shipbuilding, ship repair, operation of ocean vessels, mobile drilling units, floating storage units and floating production storage units.


  • Hull insurance;
  • P&I insurance;
  • Builders’ Risks insurance;
  • Crew Personal Accident insurance;
  • Shipbuilders's Risks Insurance

Key clients:

  • Fleets of VSP, PTSC, PV Trans, Vinalines, Vitranschart, Vosco;
  • Ships repair and building projects of Dung Quat Ship Building Industry Company;
  • Shipbuilding company of Vinashin (Vinalines);
  • 60 metre jack-up drilling rigs building projects;
  • Floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) building projects, Ruby II, ROV, FPSO Chim Sao etc.