There are five automobile insurance options:

1) Compulsory insurance for motor vehicle owner’s third party civil liability;
2) Voluntary insurance for motor vehicle owner’s third party civil liability (where the limit of liability exceeds that applicable to compulsory insurance)
3) Vehicle owner’s civil liability insurance for goods carried by the vehicle (for vehicles used for transportation)
4) Personal accident insurance for driver and passengers (for vehicles not used for transportation)
5) Automobile physical damage insurance, including full automobile insurance or automobile body insurance

PVI Insurance may also offer various extensions as requested by customer.


You can contact PVI Insurance’s agents or points of sale in provinces and cities nationwide.

The addresses and telephone numbers are used in two ways:
Informing customers of the nearest point of sale to contact and purchase insurance.
Requesting the nearest point of sale to contact customers and visit them directly.

Customers may also call the hotline 1900 545458 for detailed advice. This number is chargeable to ensure customers are offered the best service quality.
In addition, customers can buy insurance online via PVI Insurance’s online sales channel at http://www.pvionline.com.vn/


Necessary documents include the vehicle registration certificate.

When purchasing automobile physical damage insurance, you are required to provide additional information from relevant documents such as the inspection certificate (if any), purchase invoice (for unregistered new automobiles) ...

Steps taken when purchasing insurance:
- Step 1: Complete and sign the proposal form (in printed form)
The information includes the automobile owner’s name as specified in the registration certificate, address, telephone number, number plate, engine and chassis number, year of manufacture, the manufacturer’s name, type of the vehicle, cylinder capacity, number of seats, purpose, value of the car the insurance product to be purchased, any extensions requested...
- Step 2: Inspecting and evaluting the vehicle, before issuing an insurance contract (if the automobile is insured against physical damage for the first time) - This will be done by the sales executive.
- Step 3: Paying insurance premiums.
- Step 4: Issuing an insurance certificate to the customer


Definitely yes. Please visit our website at http://www.pvionline.com.vn/ to complete necessary information as required for the insurance program selected by you and PVI Insurance will then process your request within 24 hours.
In addition, if you use Viettel’s mobile phone service, you can also buy compulsory vehicle owner’s civil liability insurance by dialing *966 # and you will get specific instructions to participate in this type of insurance.


The premium for compulsory civil liability insurance is from VND300,000 to VND1,950,000d depending on the type, number of seats, loading capacity and purpose of the vehicle (used for transporation or not).
The premium for physical damage insurance is 1.50% x Value of the vehicle.
The premium for personal accident insurance for the driver and passengers is 0.1% x Sum Insured x Number of passengers
The premium for the vehicle owner’s civil liability insurance for the goods carried on the vehicle is 0.55% x Limit of liability.


An automobile insruance contract set includes:
1) Automobile insurance policy wording: This specifies the rights and responsibilities of the vehicle owner and PVI Insurance and is issued at the vehicle owner’s request. The existing wording is registered with the Ministry of Finance.
2) Proposal form: The vehicle owner declares insurance information in the proposal form as a basis for calculating the premium payble and confirming the vehicle owner’s proposal for insurance.
3) Insurance certificate: This is issued by PVI Insurance to the vehicle owners and is the evidence of the conclusion of the insurance contract.
4) Extensions, being additional coverage items if requested by the vehicle owner (extral premiums may be payables)

5) Any other written agreements between the vehicle owner and PVI Insurance.


When participating in this type of insurance, you will be issued one insurance certificate and one premium payment receipt. The insurance certificate is the evidence of the conclusion of the insurance contract between you and PVI Insurance and it is governed by PVI Insurance’s policy wording (the policy wording is available at your request). The premium payment receipt proves that you have paid the premium as agreed.
The insurance certificate should be carried with the vehicle owner to present to the police when requested.